Drishay Art Gallery is offering art courses for all age groups who are interested in pursuing art to learn how to create beautiful artworks using various mediums and techniques. Practising art can not be meaningful without a knowledgeable guide or teacher. Learning methods and materials is very important to be a successful artist. There are many self taught artists working in the art field presently who have also taken informal training from professionals to know how an artist with  a calculated sensitivity is able to see the nature and surroundings to reproduce nuances through creative expression; that is the reason artist’s work is well paid and collected by art lovers. Art is a discipline and there is a methodology to learn through studio practice combined with basic theory. Join our courses to be an artist and work as a professional.


Certificate courses (3 months)

  • Certificate course in Sketching
  • Certificate course in Drawing
  • Certificate course in Painting
  • Certificate course in Photography
  • Certificate course in Art & Craft


Advanced Certificate courses (6 months)

  •   Advanced Certificate course in Drawing & illustration
  •   Advanced Certificate course in Sketching & Shading
  •   Advanced Certificate course in Watercolour painting
  •   Advanced Certificate course in Painting


Diploma Courses (2 years)

  • Diploma in Drawing & Painting
  • Diploma in Art History


Professional Diploma Course (1year after Diploma)

  • Prof.  Diploma in Drawing & Painting
  • Prof. Diploma in Art History