Self Priming Water Pump

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 The SAI-Agritech 'Mini Rice Mill' is a unique one pass Mill' specially designed for use in a small rice mill or farming households in general. Its completely automatic husking, hulling and polishing chambers make it easy to operate and require low maintain while its unique worm screw design allows for adjustable polishing requirements. 

Water Pump

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Our product range includes a wide range of Aspiration Plant.

LED Street Light

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 The SAI-Agritech 'Daal Mill' consists of an accurate emery cone that can process all varieties of Dal like Arhar, Moong, Naasir, Soya, Chana etc. It dehusks Daal with minimum conditioning and is also attached with a small grader to separate the splits, broken and husks. Its compact structure and minimal power consumption make it ideal for small scale dal mining.

6 ltr Bronze gas geyser

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platinum 6 Ltr gas Geyser

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Electric Water Pump

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 The SAI-Agritech 'Mini Oil Mill' is one pass mill ideal for small scale oil production from seeds such as soyabean, sesame, rapeseed, groundnut, mustard etc. It's unique scientific worm sequence ensures high yield and quality.

Gas Water Geyser

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The SAI-Agritect 'Precision Air Classifier' works on the principal of terminal velocity and is ideal for the two-way seperation of aerodynamically lighter material from heavier material. This machine is well suited for the removal of hulls, fibres, shells and any other light impurities. 

6L-Gas Geyser

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Leading Manufacturer of Rice Mill Plant from Vadodara.

Gas Geyser

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 The SAI-Agritech 'Destoners' are designed for high capacity, high accuracy, two-way seperation of lighter product from heavier impurities, such as stones, glass, metals etc. Available as pressure type (open deck for low throughput, dust free material) or Vaccum type (fully sealed system for high capacity pollutiion free operation).

Centrifugal Water Pump

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Offering you a complete choice of products which include Spices Processing Machine.